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সর্ব-শেষ হাল-নাগাদ: ২৮ ডিসেম্বর ২০২৩

পল্লী বিদ্যুৎ কার্যক্রমে সিস্টেম লস হ্রাসকরণে পদক্ষেপসমূহ


Continuous and steady reduction of system loss is one of the most important objectives of RE program in Bangladesh. Over the years, BREB has been making attempts at find out new ways forwards specific development in this aspect. In consideration to consumer pattern and prevalent consumer attitudes and overall socio-economic and geographical conditions of the country, the measures and technological applications so far applied to have positive and far-reaching effects on the system management both technically and economically

The cause of increasing system loss given below:

  1. Low voltage in 33kv source line/ Grid bus-bar.
  2. Overloaded Feeders & transformers.
  3. Voltage drop due to long 33kv and 1 lkv line.
  4. Voltage drops in LT (0.24/0.4kv) line.
  5. Right of way.
  6. Meter tempering and bypass.
  7. System neutral theft and high ground/earth resistance.
  8. Un-balance loading.
  9. Loose connection.
  10. Illegal connection (Hooking).
  11. Analog meters.
  12. Inadequate size of conductor.
  13. Inductive appliances.
  14. Feeders coupling.
  15. Twisted connection in distribution line.


Actions for system loss reduction:

  1. Pre-Payment meter installation.
  2. Identification the feeders with high loss and taking action accordingly.
  3. Construction of new sub-stations and feeders to share the load.
  4. Phase load balancing.
  5. Ring distribution.
  6. Bifurcation of extra load to light loaded feeders or new feeders.
  7. Replacement of existing conductors by higher rated conductors.
  8. Conversion of LT lines to HT lines.
  9. Strengthening the system earthing and reducing the ground resistance.
  10. Right of way clearances to all distribution lines and periodic inspection to maintain.
  11. Regular meter checking.
  12. Sectionalizing study and its implementation.
  13. Replacement of existing overloads distribution transformers by appropriate size of transformers.
  14. Proper planning, design and implementation of standard distribution system for the PBSs.
  15. Identifying the load centers and construction of new sub-stations.
  16. Using proper size of service drop.
  17. Improvement of power factor and load factor.